Bone setting massage

What is bone setting massage?

‘Bone setting’ massage is considered one of the most ancient forms of curative manual therapy in the West. It is a powerful neuro-muscular massage practiced by bonesetters in the European countryside, especially in France. These techniques turn out to be very effective for treating numerous complaints of the locomotive system, whether they be related to the muscles, the joints and/or the nerves. Results can be astonishing from the first treatment.

Its aim is to restore the original functionality of the different tissues of the body and mobility of the joints. With fairly heavy pressures, the practitioner works on the tension at different levels of the body: muscles, ligaments, tendons or capsules.

Bone setting massage is more of a deep work on body tissues and internal organs than a ‘cracking’ technique. Once the functionality of the tissues (or the mobility of the joint) is restored, the structural and functional interconnections of the body are normalized. And the «pathological » state of the patient is resorbed.

Many modern osteopathic techniques come from this rural know-how ; today’s osteopath is not far from being a scientific bonesetter!
When do we use this type of massage?

Bonesetting massage is effective for any problem, complaint or pain relating to  muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments or nerves.

  • Loss of joint mobility, painful or blocked joints.
  • Neuralgia : cervicalgia, lombalgia, lombo-sciatalgia, dorsalgia, brachalgia, cruralgia.
  • Tendonitis : epicondylitis (tennis elbow), epitrocleitis (golf elbow), rotuliana, achille, sub/supraspinatus tendonitis, etc,
  • Muscle contraction : lumbago, stiff neck, dorsa-lumbar pain
  • Muscle pain: pulled or strained muscle, muscular contractures or tensions.
  • Inflammed joints: relief for arthritis, periarthritis, polyarthritis, capsulitis & bursitis.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrom, intercostal syndrome, sprains, calcaneal spur.
  • Unbalanced pelvis with reverberation in the spine.
  • Pain & blocking due to old accidents.
  • Shoulder that is painful, blocked or with a radiating pain
  • etc.

Counter-indications: acute-phase disease, inflammatory or infectious disease, important organ lesions, malignant tumors and metastasis. In case of suspicious problems, you will be asked to consult your general practitioner. I never advise you to stop medical treatment in progress.
Remarks concerning the treatment

Some pressure can cause sensitivity or even pain. However, when done gradually on the painful zone, it will allow release of deep tissue and pain to be relieved. There is no need to be alarmed if, in the 24 hours following the treatment you feel pain in the area treated. It often is an indication that your body is working to resolve your problem.

The session lasts 1 hour and is 100 CHF.

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