Patrick Cicognani


In my practice I combine the Eastern and Western approach to health. Eastern medicine addresses health through the energy paradigm and works on the different organic systems (circulatory, digestive, endocrinal system, etc.) through the energy pathways called the ‘meridians’.

Traditional techniques in muscular and visceral massage and bone setting, are the most ancient forms of curative manual therapy in Europe. They work by restoring the different body tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves), organs or bones, by acting directly upon the (organic) ‘matter’.

Keep in mind that even though the line of work may be sometimes different, those two approaches are complementary. Energy and matter are inseparable and each one is an expression of the other.

I am a registered therapist recognised by ASCA and RME. Reimbursement from the majority of the Complementary Health Insurances (assurance complémentaire) should be possible: [Link]


A 60 minute session is 120 CHF.

List of insurances

I am a registered therapist recognised by ASCA and RME. Reimbursement from the following Complementary Health Insurances (Assurance Complémentaire) should be possible:

Agrisano, Avantis, AVENIR, AMB, Aquilana, ASSURA, Atupri, Caisse Vaudoise, Carena, CM de WADENSWIL, CMBB, CONCORDIA, CPT, CSS, Easy Sana, EOS, FKB, CM Fonction Publique, GROUPE MUTUEL, HELSANA (et affiliées), Hermes, Innova, INTRAS, Kolping, KK Flaachtal, KK Luzerner Hinterland, KK Steffisburg, KMU-Krankenversicherung, Mutuel Assurances, Natura, ÖKK Surselvia, Panorama, PHILOS, Provita, publiSana, SANITAS, Solidalis, SUPRA, Sumiswalder, SWICA, RHENUSANA, CM Troistorrents, Universa, VIVAO (et Moove) SYMPANY, Xundheit.


Since health insurances ca change their codes, each patient should check beforehand whether the therapy and the therapist are reimbursed by his/her complementary insurance. 

Download the list of insurances (PDF)

Therapeutic training

Firstly, I am deeply grateful to the people who have accompanied me during numerous years of training, and who have wholly realized their role as teacher trainers or master craftsman as traditionally understood in the phrase ‘he who leads the way’. These predecessors passed on their art in a traditional from one heart/soul to another, in circumstances, where the most important is for the practitioner to be fully present for the patient.

After many years working on the energy of movement with Junomichi Judo, I developed ‘my listening hand' with Sasaki Sensei, a reputed shiatsu master who founded the IOKAI shiatsu in Europe. I completed my training with Georges Bergoz, a French osteopath and bonesetter master, learning ancient techniques rooted in local healing, (which inspired modern osteopathy). Lastly, I completed my training with by a decade of work and research in Corporal Relation Therapy and Exploration (Exploration et Thérapie Corporelle Relationnelle) with the association ARTCOR, where close attention is paid to the body and the spoken word in the therapeutic process.

The key for me, is to be fully present for the patient and aware about what is happening in my hands, rather than simply carrying out a good technique. It is fundamental to go back to the source of the problem, otherwise even if the symptom seems to be managed by the technique, the problem could reappear later on.

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